Netley is a happy, rights respecting school.

Everyone takes steps to better themselves and their community, as they become responsible, global citizens.

Message from the Executive Headteacher

Netley Primary School is an inclusive school, exuding a warmth and generosity of spirit that comes from our happy children and diverse school community. The school is set within Netley Campus, a state of-the-art learning environment for children and adults. We have 450 children, including Woodlands, an outstanding centre for children with Autism. In 2014 OFSTED judged both Netley and Woodlands as ‘Good’ in all categories. We are excited to enhance our offer with a new centre for two year olds and the recent completion of our STEM Lab.


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Bavaani Nanthabalan

Latest News


Puppet Show 2018

The Puppet Making Club had a great fun and worked hard during the last term making a wide range of puppets using recycled materials. We enjoyed presenting our showcase “The 3Rs” to parents and KS1. We are keen to make the world a better place and do our part in reducing the plastic pollution. Our […]


Enterprise Extravaganza at Netley

On Friday, Netley children hosted a very special Enterprise Fair at Netley! We have been working hard on our class Enterprise projects for the last two weeks, carrying out market research, designing products and advertising to customers. On Friday afternoon, we all set up our stalls and opened up the doors to parents, carers and […]

9th July  2018  
Camden 2025
Friends House
Photographer: Justin Thomas

Camden Clean Air Partnership

Three pupils from 4KW gave a presentation to the Camden Clean Air Partnership, a group made up of representatives from all areas of our local community, including businesses, residents, schools and hospitals, who are working to improve local air quality. Our three children told them why air quality is especially important for children and about […]


Shape and size

  In Reception this week we used various non-standard units of measurement to explore size and shape. After initially using different sized blocks placed in curved outlines around our bodies we progressed to placing similarly sized blocks in straight lines for a more accurate measurement.


STEM week in Year1

We had a fantastic STEM week in Year1 and we really enjoyed all the challenges: we’ve been engineers building towers with balloons and newspapers; we designed and tested floating gardens for Bangladesh; we’ve been scientists investigating and making predictions using our senses; we invented machines to solve problems.      


Stem week in Year 5!

This week in class we have been learning about what an engineer is and what job they do. We learnt that, they identify problems and design products to solves those problems. In addition we became engineers ourselves to complete a challenge – we had to design and construct our own floating gardens in groups, to […]


To float or not to float…

Year 4 have been put to the challenge this week as they have been learning all about engineers and the many different jobs they carry out. A task they took part in was the ‘Floating Garden Challenge’, in which they had to work together in groups to design and  build their very own rafts that […]


STEM week in Year 4

As part of STEM week, year 4 have been carrying out various different experiments to demonstrate some of the things that engineers do to help our day to day lives. One experiment we carried out was all about vibrations and sounds. Using a coat hanger and some string, we banged the coat hanger against different […]