Netley is a happy, rights respecting school.

Everyone takes steps to better themselves and their community, as they become responsible, global citizens.

Message from the Executive Headteacher

Netley Primary School is an inclusive school, exuding a warmth and generosity of spirit that comes from our happy children and diverse school community. The school is set within Netley Campus, a state of-the-art learning environment for children and adults. We have 450 children, including Woodlands, an outstanding centre for children with Autism. In 2014 OFSTED judged both Netley and Woodlands as ‘Good’ in all categories, and we are excited to be enhancing our offering further by opening a new centre for two year olds and Science Lab in the near future.


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Bavaani Nanthabalan

Latest News


Woodland’s Trip to Foyles Bookshop!

This week the children from Woodlands were lucky enough to go to Foyles Bookshop to explore and buy some new story books for the classroom! Maple and Willow Classes loved exploring the different sensory sound and touch books and were overwhelmed by all the choices they had. Each class chose their favourite books to bring back […]


Artwork in 3KW

We are very lucky to be working with clay in year 3.  We began with etching into clay and layering it to make our very own Stone Age horses and other animals from that time. It  was a very messy affair but we had so much fun exercising our creative flare!      


Year 5 with Next Jump

This week our friends at Next Jump visited and we continued our learning on the engineering track. Returning to Scratch, we furthered our programming skills. We revised the meanings of technical language such as ‘algorithm’ and ‘conditionals’ as well as learning to code at a higher level.


Year 5 Rehearsals

This week, year 5’s rehearsals for our musical performance have really begun to kick off. Having cast our show, there are many different skills we are practicing and developing. These pictures show us rehearsing one of the many songs we have to learn. We have learnt four songs so far and still have another six […]


Year 4 – Literacy Learning Outside the Classroom

Today, Year 4 have been learning outside the classroom in the wonderful (and windy!) Netley garden.       Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, the children were encouraged to talk in groups about how to improve their descriptive writing in class.     By observing, touching and smelling the different parts of the garden, Year 4 were […]