Netley is a happy, rights respecting school.

Everyone takes steps to better themselves and their community, as they become responsible, global citizens.

Message from the Executive Headteacher

Netley Primary School is an inclusive school, exuding a warmth and generosity of spirit that comes from our happy children and diverse school community. The school is set within Netley Campus, a state of-the-art learning environment for children and adults. We have 450 children, including Woodlands, an outstanding centre for children with Autism. In 2014 OFSTED judged both Netley and Woodlands as ‘Good’ in all categories. We are excited to enhance our offer with a new centre for two year olds and the recent completion of our STEM Lab.


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Bavaani Nanthabalan

Latest News


Reception visit Kentish Town City Farm

Yesterday RVD took the bus to Kentish Town City Farm, where we met horses, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, chickens and donkeys. We learned lots about how and why the different animals are kept, and also their technical names. Did you know that ‘cockerel’ is the British English way of saying ‘rooster’, or that a male […]


Eid Mubarak from Nursery

This week we have been learning about Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Some of the children in our class have talked about how they will celebrate Eid with their families and we have made Eid cards to take home. We are also looking forward to having our Eid party next week. This has allowed us to share the value of having different faiths because some […]


Climbing frame fun in our EYFS garden

We have been making the most of the warmer weather by spending lots and lots of time climbing, balancing and making large scale constructions in our amazing EYFS garden. The big climbing frame and lovely heavy big blocks are great for getting us to challenge ourselves and helping our muscles to grow strong.


Shadow Puppet Theatres!

Year 3 have been making shadow puppet theatres in science to help them understand light and dark and how shadows are formed! They observed how the size and length of the shadow changed as the they moved the light source closer and further away.


4EM Poetry Slam!

This week year 4 have been learning all about poetry. We have been discussing all the poems we already know as a class, as well as reading several new poems. We were even lucky enough to meet the poet, Kate Wakeling, who gave us a poetry workshop in which we learned top tips on writing […]


Measurement in RVD

This week our Maths learning has been all about measurement. Using language such as ‘wider’ ‘narrow’ ‘long’ ‘shorter’ ‘tall’ ‘big’ and ‘smallest’ we’ve explored size and shape. In this photo we were challenged to put ourselves in height order. Lots of amazing mathematical discussion came out of working out exactly where each of us should […]


Year 2 are History Detectives!

This week in Year 2 we have been learning to be History Detectives! We went on a gallery walk around our classroom and looked at different historical sources such as Paintings, maps, portraits, diaries and artefacts. We looked for clues as to what our new topic might be about. Thanks to our incredible detective skills, […]


Poetry Week in Year 5

This week is Poetry week and in Year 5 we have been reading lots of different poems. Our main focus has been to identify all the different features in a poem and why the poet has chosen to use these techniques. Both classes will be writing their own alliteration poems using the skills they have learnt […]