Netley is a happy, rights respecting school.

Everyone takes steps to better themselves and their community, as they become responsible, global citizens.

Message from the Executive Headteacher

Netley Primary School is an inclusive school, exuding a warmth and generosity of spirit that comes from our happy children and diverse school community. The school is set within Netley Campus, a state of-the-art learning environment for children and adults. We have 450 children, including Woodlands, an outstanding centre for children with Autism. In 2014 OFSTED judged both Netley and Woodlands as ‘Good’ in all categories, and we are excited to be enhancing our offering further by opening a new centre for two year olds and Science Lab in the near future.


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Bavaani Nanthabalan

Latest News


The OAE visit Year 4

This week, Year 4 got a visit from the Orchestra  of the Enlightenment, who came in to help us prepare for our concert. We practised all the songs and started to learn our body percussion. We can’t wait to perform along with all the other Camden schools in June.


Toro Toro

This week year 4 finished their unit of work on Toro Toro. They have been reading the book by Micheal Morpurgo for the last 4 weeks and have really enjoyed learning more about life in Spain. They have also learnt a lot about the Spanish civil war and have had lots of interesting discussions about […]

Sorting emotions

Week 5 at Woodlands!

Week 5… Check out all the cool stuff that’s happening at Woodlands! Willow: Willow class children have been hard at work with their tray work activities. These activities include skills that have already been mastered and are being practiced to build independence in addition to new skills, which need to be practiced each day. These activities […]


Art With Mrs Reese

The last few weeks during art with Mrs Reese, we have been designing and creating our own Roman city. We’re building our very own Colosseum and Aqueduct. We’ve even created our own Roman soldiers to police our city. Our fashionable students have created wonderful jewellery for the citizens of our city and we’ve created our […]


Teachers as learners!

Netley hosted 30 teachers today. They had come from all over London to learn about Mathematics in the Early Years classroom.  Our very own Janine led a training session on ‘mark making and activities that get children to record their mathematical ideas’.  Mr.Morris showed the teachers how Ten Frames could be used to help children […]



Today we made sushi in the Nursery. It took quite a long time because we had to wait for the rice to get really cold after cooking it. We fanned the rice to help it cool down a bit quicker. We carefully chopped up some carrot and cucumber into long slices. Then put a sheet of seaweed on […]


Week 4 at Woodlands!

Let’s take a look at what has been happening at Woodlands this week… Willow: W​illow class children have thoroughly enjoyed their integration sessions so far this term. We have taken part in free play exploration, island time sessions and table top activities. They have participated in lots of other activities too: from looking at snails […]


Year 3’s Dance Workshop

We are so lucky at Netley, as we are able to access our learning using a variety artistic methods.  This week in Year 3, we learnt how to engage our emotions through the rhythm of music and dance.  We also used our emotions to create gestures to tell a story through movement and formulated a performance that was nothing short of […]