Introducing Captain Timely

Attendance is very important for a quality education and to help make sure our children arrive at school on time, the Netley community are working in partnership with Captain Timely – our attendance superhero!

Be on the lookout for Captain Timely around the Netley Campus; she’s very fast because she’s never late, but she has been known to come and join us for Wake-up Shake-up in the morning!

Help us to help your child
Please ensure that your child comes to school everyday. This is your legal responsibility. Those children who come to school regularly make much better progress then those who don’t. Any child who has time off school for whatever reason misses important teaching and a great deal of work.


Should your child be too ill to attend school then you must telephone the school office with an explanation for your child’s absence. Please ensure that you inform the Office staff directly before 9.00am on the first day of absence or the absence may be registered as unauthorised and a penalty notice may be issued.

This absence must be followed by a note of explanation when your child returns to school.  If your child is away for three days you must keep the school informed by telephone.  After three days the school will require a letter or a medical card.

A list of school holidays is issued every year and family holidays should be planned within these dates. Taking children out of school during term time in exceptional circumstances is only authorised upon application to the Headteacher.

If attendance becomes a concern the following will happen:


Attendance falls below 95% school will monitor for improvement.


Attendance falls between 94-91%. Cause for concern letter sent home informing the parent of child's attendance. Attendance is monitored for next term.


Below 90% -Persistent Absence Warning letter informing you of extreme concerns and current attendance. A Meeting with EWO and the Attendance Officer will be arranged for persistence absence. Attendance is monitored for next term.


Formal referral to EWO with a possible fine of up to £2,500 and court proceedings.



School starts at 8.55 a.m. We expect your child to be in the playground by 8.55 a.m. ready to begin the day with Wake Up, Shake Up. It is extremely important that children arrive at school in time for registration. Arriving late is upsetting for your child and children that are late miss vital elements of learning and may find it difficult to cope with group work at later stages.  Registers close at 9.15 a.m for Mainstream children and 9.45 a.m for Woodlands children. Persistent lateness is recorded and referred to our Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).

Please make every effort to ensure that your child/children arrive on time and are not late. Any child who is late misses:

  • An important part of the day
  • Disrupts the rest of the class when they enter the classroom
  • Creates unnecessary work for our office staff

Join us for Wake-up Shake-up. It will help your child to be healthy and be on time!


Doctor and Dentist appointments

As a rule, doctor and dentist appointments should be made outside of the school day. If this is unavoidable, please make the appointment either:

  • Early in the school day, and ensure that your child is back as soon as possible or
  • Late in the school day, and your child remains at school until a reasonable time before the appointment

What can you do to help us….help you?
We realise that on some occasions there may be a particular problem that causes your child to be absent. Please telephone –
020 3772 0350 on the first day of your child’s absence to let us know, and we will deal with this sympathetically.





Parents’ rights

Parents are not entitled to take their children out of school during term time.  Such leave may only be taken with the written approval of the Headteacher.  The decision of the Headteacher is final.

Penalty notices

If your child is taken out of school during term time without authorisation from the Head teacher, you may be referred to the Local authority. The authority has the power to issue you with a Penalty Notice if you take your child out of school without permission. A fine of £60 is issued to each parent for each child. The fine must be paid within 21 days. After 21 days, the fine rises to £120 per parent per child. If you do not pay the fine, you may be taken to Court and fined up to £1000. If convicted, you would also receive a criminal record.

If the Head teacher does authorise exceptional leave during term-time, your child must return to school on the date agreed in writing with the Head teacher. If your child does not return to school within the agreed date, your child may be removed from the school roll. You must notify the school immediately if your child's return is going to be delayed. On your return, you must provide all the evidence. If your child is taken off the school roll, you will have to apply to Camden School Admissions for  a new school place for your child. There might not be a place available at this school and your child would be placed at an alternative school.

Come and meet the Head teacher & Head of Early Years,

Mrs Nanthabalan and Ms Davenall, and tour the school.

This Open Morning is suitable for all children entering  Reception 2019.

Open mornings are on

13th December 2018

10th January 2019

All tours begin at 9.15am and again at 1pm, and last for approximately one hour.