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Write Dance in Reception

In Reception we have started doing Write/Dance once a week. During Write/Dance we listen to stories and learn actions that go with them. We enjoy using our whole bodies to dance. Next, we use both hands to make marks on paper along to the music. This helps us with our gross and fine motor movements. […]


Voting in the Nursery

In the Nursery today we had a vote to see which Nursery Rhyme we would sing together. Every child had 1 vote and they all thought about it really carefully. After everyone had voted we counted all of the votes and discovered that the winner was “Incy Wincy Spider” with 7 votes. It was great for the Nursery children to […]


A new year in Netley Nursery

We are having fun exploring our new classroom and making new friends in Netley Nursery. Our first topic is Nursery Rhymes which is great because we love singing and we’ve also been trying out different instruments to see what different sounds we can make.  


Nursery’s trip to London Zoo.

Last week Nursery went on a trip to London Zoo. It was a very hot day but the animals didn’t seem to mind. We were lucky to see one of the tigers really close as it slept against the window. We really enjoyed looking at the penguins. They looked like they were having so much fun in […]