Snow safety in Reception

Some of the children in RVD chose to make signs to put up around school telling others how to keep safe in the snow. The signs in the picture say “don’t throw snow at people” and “no throwing snowballs” because of our rule about not throwing snowballs at school. We talked about how we need […]


Chinese New Year in RVD

In RVD this week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We made invitations for our friends asking them to come for tea, and then had a class tea party at snack time with real tea pots! We have also made and tasted some Chinese stir fry. Our EYFS friends thought is was so delicious […]


Walkie talkie fun in RVD

In RVD this week we have been using walkie talkies to call our friends and have conversations across our EYFS environment. We discovered that we could still hear each other from the mud kitchen to the climbing frame; almost from one end of the garden to the other!


EYFS visit to the Natural History Museum

The Reception classes had an incredible day at the Natural History Museum exploring and pretending to be paleontologists. We were amazed by the size of the huge blue whale, and by the life-sized T-rex that brought our learning about dinosaurs to life. We couldn’t believe that this horn was just like those that belonged to […]


Ball skill challenges in the EYFS garden

In Reception we’ve been working on our target practice and throwing skills. At first we played games that involved throwing to each other and aiming at a range of targets on the floor, but as we improved we decided we needed a bigger challenge. Look at us make shots through this hula hoop way above […]