Year 2 do their Winter Nature Walk

This week, year 2 visited Regent’s park again to see how the trees have changed since Autumn. It was hard to identify the deciduous trees because they had no leaves on, but it was easy to spot the birds’ nests and squirrel’s dreys! We voted on our favourite tree. The Monkey Puzzle tree got the […]


Year 2 give instructions!

​This week Year 2 have had to help clumsy Miss Seton and Miss Banu rewrite their instructions for fruit pizzas as they had accidentally fallen in the shredder and got all jumbled up! Luckily, Year 2 made their own fruit pizzas on Monday and so were experts at writing instructions.


Year 3’s Science Workshop

This week, year 3 took part in a science workshop which was all about the human body! We learnt about parts of the body such as the skeleton, the heart, and the brain,  but more importantly how they function to keep us alive. We found it very interesting to gain an understanding of how our […]


Writing lyrics in Year 1

As part of our topic about The Beatles we have been looking at lyrics. This week we have been learning the lyrics to the song Octopus’s Garden and then changing the words to make our own new lyrics. We’re looking forward to performing our new lyrics in front of our friends next week!