Christmas Lunch!

The children and staff were in full festive cheer as they enjoyed their Christmas lunch today! Thank you to all of the catering staff who prepared, once again, a wonderful lunch for all the children and staff at Netley.


Operating Theatre Live!

Year six were very lucky to have a visit from the Operating Theatre Live this Tuesday. They donned their surgeons’ gowns and face masks, learned how to listen to their heart with a stethoscope, and then had the opportunity to interact with REAL organs! In the afternoon, they had a go at carrying out a […]


Year 2’s Homework Spectacular

​Year 2 children went to a premiere of a very special exhibition this week, the Year 2 Homework Spectacular! Our homework project was to design and make our own instruments, and there were some fantastic efforts! We had chance to walk round both classes and look at all the amazing entries, as well as hear […]


Dreams and Drums!

This week some Year 2 children have been working in a very special workshop with some visitors from the Royal Academy of Music! They came to see us and brought lots of different instruments for us to hear and play with. We wrote our own song together and even wrote and performed our own pieces […]