Woodlands at the zoo!

This week all of Woodlands attended the zoo! We had a great time and saw lots of animals we have only read about! Here is what some of the kids said when thinking about our day…   “I liked the fish because they were swimming and they want food!” “It’s good fun at (the) zoo!” […]


Woodlands – Sports Day!

On Wednesday, Woodlands joined KS1 and reception for Sport’s Day. We left school at 11am and walked to Regent’s Park, where we sat under a tree and ate our packed lunches. We then walked to an oval where we participated in different activities! These included running, egg and spoon, rob the nest and different parachute […]


Woodlands Week 2!

This week we have had a variety of focuses going on in Woodlands! Check it out! Maple: This week Maple Class has enjoyed the warmer weather by going on a treasure hunt in the park. Students were given a list to find different types of nature such as; sticks, leaves, stones, and insects in all […]

Senses poem

Poetry Week: Woodlands!

Our lovely students have been so excited to be back at school and have launched into learning. Our theme for this half term is plants, and this week we have been examining seeds. It’s also a great week to be back because… it’s Poetry Week! Check out some of our work around poetry… Willow: For […]


Poetry Week: EYFS and Woodlands

The children from Nursery, Reception, Maple and Willow classes all went to the hall yesterday to meet a very special guest. We were very lucky that the poet Joseph Coelho came to Netley to visit us. He read some of his poems from his poetry book and we joined in with some of them. We even wrote a new […]