Writing lyrics in Year 1

As part of our topic about The Beatles we have been looking at lyrics. This week we have been learning the lyrics to the song Octopus’s Garden and then changing the words to make our own new lyrics. We’re looking forward to performing our new lyrics in front of our friends next week!


Reading Elmer

In year 1 we have started the new school year reading the book “Elmer” by David McKee. After reading the book we sequenced the story and retold it. Then we made our own elephants. We wrote descriptions of our elephants using our phonics.


STEM week in Year1

We had a fantastic STEM week in Year1 and we really enjoyed all the challenges: we’ve been engineers building towers with balloons and newspapers; we designed and tested floating gardens for Bangladesh; we’ve been scientists investigating and making predictions using our senses; we invented machines to solve problems.