Year One’s local walk

Year 1 have been on a local walk around the school. The children observed places of interest that were familiar to them and stopped to use their senses to hear all the noise around them! The children thoroughly enjoyed talking about street signs they recognised and sharing with friends where they lived.  

IMG_0690 (1)

Year 1 visit the National Theatre!

Year 1 was part of an amazing performance of The Sea Serpent’s Daughter at the National Theatre! The children made their own costumes and helped to write the script of a poem we performed on the day. We were ‘Story Fishers’, searching for the lost story in Brazil and bringing it back to life. The […]


Year 1’s trip to Regent’s Park in Spring time!

On Tuesday Year 1 ventured out to Regent’s Park. We visited our ‘adopted’ trees to see how they had changed with the seasons. We used careful observing to spot flowers and plants we know the names of, e.g, daisies and ivy. The children also drew some observational drawings of some flowers. We had such a […]