Continents, Continents

This week Year 2 have been super geographers! We recapped our knowledge of cities, countries and continents. We then used the world map and atlases to help us identify the seven different continents, their names, and where they are in the world, before making our own map with all the continents on it. If you […]


We’re going on a tree hunt!

Year 2 went on their first nature walk of the year this week to Regent’s Park. On the way, we recorded all of the sounds we heard on our journey on a map. Then we went on our tree hunt! We were very good observers, and noticed how some of the leaves were starting to […]


Year 2 make number tracks!

In maths this week, Year 2 have applied their knowledge of place value to help us fill in the missing numbers on a number track and stick it back together. We worked beautifully in a team, and are even beginning to use the word ‘between’ to compare numbers!  


Year 2 Class Charters

Year 2’s class charters are up! Having discussed which of the rights we should display as a reminder of how we should behave in the classroom, we then came up with our own unique way to sign them. 2TS decided to take pictures of themselves being blown up, up and away; while 2HC made their […]


Year 2 are poets

In year 2 this week, we have been listening to the story of Drum Dream Girl and imagining the things that she might have heard making music while walking in the park in Cuba. We then learnt some new verbs to help us describe the different sounds. Once we had practised matching the nouns and […]