Living, dead and never been alive!

This week Year 2 have been learning about the differences between things that are living, dead and never been alive in Science. We went out to our school garden to observe and gather some living and non-living things, and took photos of our findings. Then, back in the classroom, we discussed how we could tell […]


Year 2 are mapmakers!

This week in Year 2 have been mapmakers! We have been helping David Attenborough with a very special task to make a new map of London Zoo. After our trip to London Zoo last week, we took lots of photos of all the different animals we saw, such as tigers, lions, penguins and reptiles, in […]


Year 2 trip to London Zoo

This week we went to London Zoo. We saw lots of different animals. We saw the giraffes, penguins, macaws, lions, tigers, butterflies and lots of other exciting animals. We learnt that animals camouflage to blend in. Sometimes they do this so they can hide from other animals and sometimes they do that so they can […]


Our Trip To Pollock’s Toy Museum

Last week, Year 2 went on a trip to Pollock’s Toy Museum to learn about toys from the past. This week, by adapting and editing our plan from our trip to Regent’s Park, Jayden was able to orally retell and then rewrite our class recount. Last week we wen’t to Pollook’s toy museum to learn about […]