Year 2 take on the lego challenge!

As part of STEM week, year two have been completing lots of challenges to help develop their team working skills. The lego challenge involved one of us creating a pattern on their board out of lego and then describing to our partner how to create the same pattern. After watching Miss Corney and Miss Seton […]


Year 2 are Civil Engineers

As part of the engineering activities we have been doing for STEM week, Year 2 became Civil Engineers and had a go at building a bridge from lolly pop sticks, pegs and bull dog clips. It was really tricky but by working as a team we were able to peg the lolly pop sticks together. Our […]


Do boys have bigger hands than girls?

Year 2 know that good scientists ask lots of questions and so this morning we came up with lots of questions for us to investigate. We chose to investigate whether boys have bigger hands than girls. We brainstormed all the ways we could measure the size of our hands, but decided that the fairest way […]


Year 2 visit Pudding Lane

This term, Year 2 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. In English we have been preparing to write a diary entry in the role of Samuel Pepys. To help us imagine what it might have been like to be in London in 1666 at the time of the fire, Year 2 […]