STEM Week Fun!

  Year 3 are having an action-packed week learning about the different types of engineers in society and completing team tasks to develop their skills as budding engineers! They have been building towers out of newspapers and balloons, bridges out of lolly sticks and pegs and designing floating garden models for the floods in Bangladesh. […]


Year 3’s Class Caterpillars!

Year 3 have adopted some class caterpillars and are going to watch them as they grow and transform into butterflies! They have named them Tim the tiny caterpillar, Wriggle, Jack, Dani and Iris! They are excited to watch their growth and their transformation into beautiful butterflies!  



Two academics from Queen Mary University, London visited Netley on Friday to talk to parents of our Year 3 and 4 pupils about their planned study into the health benefits of the new Ultra – Low Emission Zone which is being introduced in London in 2019. They are seeking to monitor the lung health of […]