Year 3’s Prehistoric Experience

Today, year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Musuem of London and an archaeologist! We learnt all about the Neolithic, Iron Age and Bronze Age. They showed us replicas of artefacts from thousands of years ago. Then we played a survival game where we had trade to get items for survival. […]


Year 3’s Dance Workshop

We are so lucky at Netley, as we are able to access our learning using a variety artistic methods.  This week in Year 3, we learnt how to engage our emotions through the rhythm of music and dance.  We also used our emotions to create gestures to tell a story through movement and formulated a performance that was nothing short of […]


Year 3 Experiencing Neolithic life

Last week, year 3 spent the day experiencing the life of our prehistoric ancestors and how they may have lived. Firstly, we gathered large branches in order to make a shelter and thought about the materials, in the surrounding woodland, to help us bind the sticks together and to create a warm environment.  Although we did not practice […]


Year 3 Waitrose Cookery School

Year 3 had a wonderful cooking session at Waitrose cookery school. The head chefs Jack and Russell helped us cook some yummy Mexican cheese quesadillas with a guacamole lime souce. The lovely staff at Waitrose gave as a tour around the store and the storage area where customers are usually not allowed to enter. We […]