Year 3’s Science Workshop

This week, year 3 took part in a science workshop which was all about the human body! We learnt about parts of the body such as the skeleton, the heart, and the brain,  but more importantly how they function to keep us alive. We found it very interesting to gain an understanding of how our […]


Restart a heart day

Today, Year 3 visited Great Ormond Hospital to learn about how to carry out CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and the importance of defibrillators. We were taught what to do if we discovered someone wasn’t breathing. The NHS staff and volunteers were amazing and we learnt so much. We even got to interview a Paramedic, Anaesthetist and […]


Year 3’s NHS Workshop

This week,  Netley have been lucky to have a few special visitors from the NHS come and take part in a workshop with Year 3! We had the chance to ask them various questions and learnt all about their roles and responsibilities within the NHS. We also learnt about the equipment they use, and what […]


Year 3 and Egyptian gods.

This week, Year 3 has been learning all about the various gods of Ancient Egypt, of which there were over a thousand! We’ve been learning all about the most important ones and the children had the chance to do research on some of the ones they found most interesting! All they discovered was then written […]


Year 3’s Ancient Egyptian Workshop!

This week, Year Three were lucky enough to take part in a workshop all about Ancient Egypt.  We learnt about the River Nile that runs through Egypt. This is not only the longest river in Africa, but it’s also the longest river in the world! We also learnt about the mummification process that took place when Pharoahs […]