To float or not to float…

Year 4 have been put to the challenge this week as they have been learning all about engineers and the many different jobs they carry out. A task they took part in was the ‘Floating Garden Challenge’, in which they had to work together in groups to design and  build their very own rafts that […]


STEM week in Year 4

As part of STEM week, year 4 have been carrying out various different experiments to demonstrate some of the things that engineers do to help our day to day lives. One experiment we carried out was all about vibrations and sounds. Using a coat hanger and some string, we banged the coat hanger against different […]


4EM Poetry Slam!

This week year 4 have been learning all about poetry. We have been discussing all the poems we already know as a class, as well as reading several new poems. We were even lucky enough to meet the poet, Kate Wakeling, who gave us a poetry workshop in which we learned top tips on writing […]