Our trip to Robson house!

This week, four of our year 4’s were given the opportunity to visit Robson house to take part in a science workshop. The workshop was based on looking at how electricity is created, particularly static electricity. We learnt that static electricity is composed of atoms. Atoms contain particles, these are known as protons and electrons. […]


What’s All the noise about?

This week, Year 4 have been learning about sound and specifically, what happens when we beat a drum.  We explored what happened when we beat the drum softly,hard, slowly and quickly. The outcome was that, the frequency and intensity of the beats had an effect on the vibration and sound. We also discovered how much […]


World Book Day

This year for World Book Day, 4EM came into school dressed as their favourite villain book characters.  We showed off our costumes to the rest of the school during our assembly parade and then had a book swap with a year 2 class. We took it in turns to read our favourite books to each […]


History Detectives

This week year 4EM have been using their detective and investigative skills to research all about the Mayan Civilization. The Maya were people who lived thousands of years ago in the forests of Central America, lands that today include countries such as  Mexico, Guatemala and parts of Honduras and El Salvador. We started our investigation […]

This jade funeral mask belonged to Pakal the Great, who was a Mayan ruler

The Mayan Civilisation

Year 4 has been learning about an ancient civilisation called the Mayans. We have learnt that these people, who lived in the forests of Central America were a society that was complexed and they had organised religion, writing and impressive architecture. Mayan lands included much of modern day Mexico and Guatemala, all of Belize and […]


Science Museum

This week Year 4 ventured out to the Science Museum where we were lucky enough to watch and participate in a workshop on the digestive system. We learned all about the the journey our food makes from entering our mouths to leaving our bodies!