Year 4’s Sculpture Unveiled

Year 4 have been working with Open Spaces and an artist, called Reza on a sculpture project entitled ‘Tech’ for the last 4 weeks. They visited Regent’s place to get inspiration for their sculpture and then brainstormed ideas for the class sculpture based on the idea of technology and the other sculptures they had seen. Tarin’s […]

year 4 RE

Today in RE Year 4 focused on creation. We talked about what creation means, and we looked at different creation stories. We discussed different beliefs around why the world was created. To tap into our creative minds everyone was given some Plasticine to create something of their own. We focused on the Christian story of […]


Poetry Week in Year 4

This week, Year 4 were entertained and enthused in the art of poetry by the renowned poet Joe Coelho.  Children asked interesting questions about when he first wrote, who inspired him, what was his favourite poem and does it always have to rhyme!  Joe challenged the children to write their own poem using interesting verbs! He also shared […]


Year 4 visit Epping Forest

This half term, year 4 are going to be creating their own information packs about Epping forest to inform visitors of what there is to do, the facilities on offer and how they can look after the forest during their visits. To inspire our writing, Year 4 visited Epping Forest for the day. We took part […]

Year 4 – P4C

Year 4 – Philosophy for children Today year 4 had a P4C lesson, we were looking at the concept of clarification and what it means. To introduce the theme we started with a game of ‘Heads Up!’ In partners, each child had a post-it not stuck on their head with a word on it (naming […]