Toro Toro

Over the past month, year 4 have been rehearsing for their class assembly, ‘Toro Toro’. Not only did the class learn an enormous amount of lines along with two songs and dance routines, they also created wonderful bull masks during their art lessons. After studying images and creating charcoal drawings of bulls, the final pieces […]



Two academics from Queen Mary University, London visited Netley on Friday to talk to parents of our Year 3 and 4 pupils about their planned study into the health benefits of the new Ultra – Low Emission Zone which is being introduced in London in 2019. They are seeking to monitor the lung health of […]


Artistic bulls

Year 4 have had a great week back after the long Easter break. This week in art we have been studying bulls and looking at images of them in great detail before using charcoal to draw our own! We found out some interesting facts about them and learned all about bullfights that often take place […]


The Netley Factor

This week year 4 have been learning all about sound and vibrations. We searched around our homes for different types of materials that could be used to make our own musical instruments. We used our creativity to make fun and exciting instruments which we have showed off in class!


Our trip to Robson house!

This week, four of our year 4’s were given the opportunity to visit Robson house to take part in a science workshop. The workshop was based on looking at how electricity is created, particularly static electricity. We learnt that static electricity is composed of atoms. Atoms contain particles, these are known as protons and electrons. […]