Year 4 and Ada Lovelace

Do you know who Ada Lovelace was? Only the world’s first ever computer programmer! Tuesday the 2nd of October was Ada Lovelace Day, a day dedicated to Ada in order remind us of the huge influence she had on technology we use today! We had a group come into our school who performed a spellbinding […]


4EW News

We have been busy in 4EW! It’s important at the start of the year to remember our rights, so we had lots of discussions about some important articles included in the UNICEF Rights of the Child. We came up with the idea for our Class Charter which shows all of the children in 4EW flying […]

9th July  2018  

Camden 2025
Friends House

Photographer: Justin Thomas

Camden Clean Air Partnership

Three pupils from 4KW gave a presentation to the Camden Clean Air Partnership, a group made up of representatives from all areas of our local community, including businesses, residents, schools and hospitals, who are working to improve local air quality. Our three children told them why air quality is especially important for children and about […]


To float or not to float…

Year 4 have been put to the challenge this week as they have been learning all about engineers and the many different jobs they carry out. A task they took part in was the ‘Floating Garden Challenge’, in which they had to work together in groups to design and  build their very own rafts that […]