Double,Double Toil and Trouble!

For the last few weeks, both Year 5 classes have been learning about “Decimals”. This week we put our maths knowledge into practice by solving some challenging word problems. Whilst in English we have been continuing to study Macbeth and in particular introducing the children to rhyming couplets. We focussed on a specific scene from […]


A busy week for Year 5…

Year 5 have been having weekly dance lessons with ‘The Place’. They’ve been learning a piece of dance which they will be preforming in a couple of weeks in front of a live audience. The piece is in conjunction with the topic of space which was covered last half-term. In English we made predictions on […]


Preparing for Shakespeare…

This week Year 5 were introduced to our new topic in English for this term – Shakespeare’s Macbeth. They will be working towards a musical production of this play which will be performed in the coming weeks. To prepare we held auditions on Wednesday to find the cast. In class we have also been re-enacting and […]


Rainforest Explorers!

Year 5 had a taste of the Amazon last week when they visited Regent’s Park Zoo to learn about the rainforest and the creatures in it.  Pupils were shocked to learn about how endangered some of the world’s species are but were pleased to hear about the zoo’s efforts to conserve these animals.   We […]


Orienteering at Hampstead Heath

On Monday, Year 5 began the final week of this academic year with a visit to Hampstead Heath.  We had a wonderful time orienteering. Our task was to find posts around the heath using maps and compasses as our guides.   We enjoyed games of cricket and rounders so all in all, a healthy and […]


5KA at the CLC

On Monday, 5KA had an opportunity to visit the City Learning Centre for a workshop in robotics. Using robots created by LEGO, we programmed them to move, sense obstructions and even identify colours. We had a wonderful and insightful day which increased our coding knowledge and gave us the chance to use new coding programs.