Next Jump Return to Year 5

This week, year 5 had another visit from our friends at Next Jump. This week was the turn of the fitness track. We began the session by revising the knowledge we had learnt from the last two sessions before moving into exploring new body weight exercise including: burpies, squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, leg raises and […]


Art With Mrs Reese

The last few weeks during art with Mrs Reese, we have been designing and creating our own Roman city. We’re building our very own Colosseum and Aqueduct. We’ve even created our own Roman soldiers to police our city. Our fashionable students have created wonderful jewellery for the citizens of our city and we’ve created our […]


Diaries from Ostia

This week, Year 5 have worked hard on writing and publishing diary entries based on our current class book, ‘The Thieves of Ostia’. Writing from the perspective of Flavia, the main character, we recounted the events of scroll II. Ensuring that we used the common features of a diary, we created some high quality pieces […]