Stem week in Year 5!

This week in class we have been learning about what an engineer is and what job they do. We learnt that, they identify problems and design products to solves those problems. In addition we became engineers ourselves to complete a challenge – we had to design and construct our own floating gardens in groups, to […]


Year 5 become Archaeologists!

This week we continued our learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We recreated an archaelogical site to see what certain objects told us about  what was important in people’s lives back then. We discussed whether 1500 years on, there were specific objects which were still just as important today as they were back in the Anglo- Saxons […]


Poetry Week in Year 5

This week is Poetry week and in Year 5 we have been reading lots of different poems. Our main focus has been to identify all the different features in a poem and why the poet has chosen to use these techniques. Both classes will be writing their own alliteration poems using the skills they have learnt […]


Year 5’s Roman Banquet!!!

This week to conclude our exciting work on the topic of the Ancient Romans, the children helped to prepare a Roman banquet and attended a Toga party on Friday afternoon. All foods provided and prepared would have been available at the time of the Ancient Romans. Included were such delicacies as quails eggs, dates stuffed […]


A Romantastic term so far….

This term in Year 5, we have been learning about The Romans. We have learnt about the Roman Empire and how powerful it was. Furthermore we have learnt about the influence they had in shaping Britain. We went on a trip to the British Museum,where the children used their investigative skills to complete an activity […]