Governors’ Welcome

Anthony Stoll - Chair of Governors

Governors support the school in any way we can: we advise, challenge and help ensure that the school is well run and its achievement moves from strength to strength.

We are fortunate in having governors with a multiplicity of skills and experience. There are Parent Governors, Staff Governors, Community Governors and Governors appointed by Camden Council. We meet regularly to help with the management of the school and we have sub-committees that focus on the Curriculum & School Improvement, Finance & Personnel, and the School Environment.

We welcome contact from parents, pupils and staff who have concerns that they wish to be addressed, or if they have suggestions on how the school could be improved. You can email me at, or leave a letter at the school admin office.

Parent governors hold a half-termly coffee morning to talk to other parents and carers about the school and take their suggestions about what the school can do to improve.

There is a full governors’ meeting at least once a term: full details from the school office.