Inara says, “We are sorree London”.

In light of recent events, our children have been thinking about what we can do to help London.

Inara in Class 1VB spurred the school to engage in dialogue about the terrorist incident in London Bridge and Borough Market with her heartfelt plea.

Class 1EH in their class assembly beautifully showcased the importance of being kind and sharing. During Every Child Needs A Champion, Ms Tutty’s group wrote postcards to London to offer support and reassurance to all Londoners during this difficult time.

Our thoughts continue to go out to those injured, and to the families and friends of those who lost their lives. We have, however, been heartened by the stories of people of all races coming forward to help those in need.

As a Rights Respecting School, we value our rights. We live in an incredibly liberal and fair nation where all are treated equally; where diversity is celebrated.  During this holy month of Ramadan, let us all take some time to be thankful for the rights we have and to pray for a kinder and peaceful world.