Think Pieces and Publications

Netley staff have engaged in research and Joint Professional Development

The Maths Leader is an NCETM 'Teaching for Mastery Specialist Practitioner' and is part of the NCETM/DfE Shanghai-UK Teacher Exchange Programme. Mr.Morris visited 2 Shanghai schools in November 2016 and we welcomed 2 Shanghai teachers in January 2017. All teachers at Netley had chance to observe the Shanghai teachers teaching Year 2 (addition and subtraction) and Year 4 (fractions).  At Netley, we are developing a 'Teaching for Mastery' approach to teaching Mathematics based on the research from the NCETM and the Shanghai-UK exchange. Our staff have taken on a model of staff development that occurs in Shanghai called Teacher Research Groups (TRG). At Netley, every Monday, a phase runs a TRG where teachers observe part of a mathematics lesson followed by a detailed discussion about the Mathematics pedagogy.  The aim is to share good practice, further mathematical knowledge and develop a reflective culture.

Netley recently hosted Debbie Morgan (Director for Primary Mathematics at the NCETM) along with 20 Teaching for Mastery specialists. They observed a Year 3 lesson and commented  ‘For me it was inspiring and heartening to see the impact that mastery has had on a class of children. The children are real mathematical thinkers and I appreciate how much work it has taken to get them to that stage. The specialist teachers were able to analyse how well designed your small steps were and how much they supported the learning. They were also impressed by the children’s attitude to learning and the relationship they have with you.’ Debbie Morgan Feb 2018.

Teachers regularly work in groups to research a big question in order to improve classroom practice. Each group trialled different teaching approaches and strategies and watched colleagues teach using new approaches. We evaluated what we had trialled and discussed the impact of the projects. The project 'Think Pieces' are shared with all staff in our June INSET to share good practice amongst colleagues.

On this page, you will also find a research piece by the Inclusion Leader that has been published in the British Psychology  Journal.

Please read the Think Pieces below to find out more.

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writing11 Case study in the Mayor of London's Annual Education report.

writing11The British Psychological Journal, Autism in Educational Contexts -Forest School research paper

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