Netley’s Autumn Slam

In the last two weeks, 48 competitors from KS1 and KS2 competed in Netley’s Autumn Slam.

Live on stage, in front of all of their class mates, they had only 2 minutes to answer as many questions as they could from a possible 100. The three top competitors from each class were then invited for a head to head speed round, where they were given a minute to answer as many questions aloud as they could in front of the school.

A big well done to all our finalists and a huge congratulations to our Autumn Slam Winners:

In Year 1 – Joudy

In Year 2 – Sahar

In Year 3 – Hassan

In Year 4 – Marwa

In Year 5 – Mariam

In Year 6 – Fizzah

In the parents’ and teachers Competition – Miss Khanom and Mr Pope

There were also special prizes for the child from each class who has made the most progress over the last 4 weeks. Well done Gabriella, Marwa, Anwar, Halimah, Ahmed, Rahim, Koyes, Isma, Tasmeenah, Deenah, Abbey,

Keep up the fantastic maths Netley!