Programming Robots with Year 6

This week, Year 6 went on a trip to the Camden City Learning Centre (CCLC) to learn about Robotics!

Year 6 started by discussing what they think robots are, what they look like, and what they can be used for. Medical operations, manufacturing and even space exploration, robots are used in an all areas of modern life! We discussed the benefits of using robots instead of humans:

“Sometimes robots are better than humans because they don’t need tea breaks and they don’t call in sick.”

“Robots can be used to do jobs that are dangerous for humans.”

“Robots can do jobs that can be quite boring for humans.”

Year 6 know all about what humans need to go about their daily lives, such as: food, sleep and oxygen. But what do robots need in order to function? We found out that: power, programs, memory and processors are all important features of a robot.

Using the LEGO EV3 Robots, Year 6 experimented with programming their robots using LEGO Mindstorms. After some collective troubleshooting, Year 6 tried out their robots with their partners.

Once we got the hang of how to control the robots we started to practise manipulating the movements to get them to do exactly what we wanted. Mary, the workshop leader, set us a series of challenges. One challenge was to program the EV3s to navigate a complete lap around two objects on the floor.

Programming and Robotics are great fun! Thank you to the Camden CLC for having us and for making it such a fun day!