School Results

This page contains the results for Netley Primary School and Centre for Autism. We are very proud to be an inclusive school and we respect the right for all children to access a rich and diverse education. We are in the Top 20% of schools for the number of Special Needs children that we have on roll and 4 times the number of an average primary school nationally and this is higher than the majority of Camden Schools.  The government records our data as a combined score for all of our Netley (mainstream) and Woodlands (Centre for Autism) pupils.   We like to show our data as mainstream only and then combined to make it more of a fairer comparison against schools nationally.  We have high expectations that all groups of children, regardless of need, will have excellent attainment scores and make excellent progress from their starting points.

Key Stage 2 Headlines:

Our attainment is above National for all subjects. We are 4% above National for mainstream children achieving a combined Reading, Writing and Mathematics score. (This still includes 2 children who did not take the test in mainstream due to complex needs).

With all children with EHC plans/severe needs taken out, the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in Reading is 75% (4% above National), Writing is 84% (8% above National), Mathematics is 84% (9% above National) and combined score is 69% (8% above National). 

KS2 Progress is:

Our overall progress is average in comparison to schools nationally.

However, when we remove our most complex children (children who did not take the KS2 SATS) and bring the cohort into line with an average National cohort, our Writing and Mathematics score shows that we have a positive progress score. Reading progress is still average but closer to the National figure of 0.

Key Stage 1 Headlines:

This cohort includes 7 children with EHC/complex needs.

The percentage of children achieving the expected standard with these 7 children removed from the data is:

Reading: 69%    Writing:  63%    Mathematics: 73%   



Year 1 Phonics Screening:


EYFS Headlines:

The percentage of children achieving exceeding increased in the majority of areas of learning including a 19% increase in the number of children achieving the exceeding standard in Listening and Attention and Physical Development.


Children with Special Educational Needs:

Percentage achieving combined (Reading, Writing, Mathematics) in the KS2 tests.

Purple= Netley all children

Green = National (2016)

Red = Camden (2017)

Our children with all types of Special Needs are doing better than similar children Nationally and within Camden schools.



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