Sports Days

What a brilliant couple of days last Wednesday and Friday for Netley Primary School students.

Students ran, threw, dribbled jumped and across 4 different activities. On Wednesday 5th July students from Reception, KS1 and Woodlands made their way to Regent’s Park and were each wearing a certain colour representing their house. The students would earn points at each activity depending on the position they finished. The rotations completed by the students included Egg and Spoon Relay Race, Sprint Race and Parachute games/ Rob the nest. At the end of the day the points were tallied and Robert Eagles were in first place.

Robert Eagles: 241 points

Stanhope Sharks: 227 points

Hampstead Dragons: 225 points

William Lions: 204 points

Friday 7th July was time for KS2 to show display their skills. Students walked through lovely Regent’s Park to the Running Track and rotated through the various activities showing great sportsmanship at all times. After lunch break we completed the long distance running races and students were able to again earn some valuable points for their house.

At the end of day the results were as follows:

Robert Eagles: 533 points

Hampstead Dragons: 486 points

William Lions: 454 points

Stanhope Sharks: 442 points

Well done to the Robert Eagles on winning Sports Day for 2017. Last years winners, Hampstead Dragons finished in second place.

Mr Risol