Our trip to Regent’s Park

Last week, Year 2 went on a winter walk to Regent’s Park.

This week, using her recount plan, Lucy was able to orally retell and then rewrite our class recount.

“Our Trip to Regents Park”

Last week we went to Regent’s Park to learn about seasonal changes. 

To get to the park we walked past the bakers, barbers and the chip shop. 

At the park the teachers handed out the pens, clip boards and the tree guides. 

Next we looked at the trees. We saw a horse chest nut tree, ash tree and a cedar tree. The horse chest nut tree and the ash tree are deciduous trees. 

They lose their leaves in winter. 

The cedar tree is an evergreen tree. They are always green. 

After that we sketched our favourite tree. 

Finally we went back to school. 

What a fantastic afternoon!​”

(by Lucy, 2TS)