Unilever brightFuture grant celebration for our Air Quality Team!

Last December, some pupils in Year 6 were awarded a grant by Unilever of almost £1,000 towards an air quality project.

We want to measure the air quality on the streets around Netley as we are concerned about the effects of pollution on the health of our community, particularly children. We invested in some diffusion tubes which measure air quality over time and installed ten of them on streets around our local area.



However, when we went back to collect them, to our great anger and disappointment, all of them had been vandalised within a week. Not to be defeated, we were keen to find an alternative.


We decided to invest some of our money in the AirBeam which is a personal sensor that measures particulates in the atmosphere.

When we shared our story today at the Unilever brightFuture grant celebration today, people liked our project so much that we received a trophy for second place and another £250 towards our project!


Well done to the Air Quality Team for speaking so well about the project. Everyone could see your passion for “finding the solution to air pollution” and you really inspired a lot of people today. Netley is proud of all of our ‘Change Makers!