Woodlands Week 2!

This week we have had a variety of focuses going on in Woodlands! Check it out!


This week Maple Class has enjoyed the warmer weather by going on a treasure hunt in the park. Students were given a list to find different types of nature such as; sticks, leaves, stones, and insects in all different sizes and shapes! The students had lots of fun looking for these objects and were amazed at some of the things they could find. Even some of the students talked about the parts of the flowers they found like the petals and the stem!


This week Willow Class decided to keep their community trip close to school and ventured to the pond. We packed up all our Art materials and went and found a shady spot by the pond. Linking to our termly theme of ‘plants’, this week we are looking at soil. We chose green and blue paint to represent grass and water. We mixed these two colours with soil and used our hands to make a sensory soil picture. We used our hands and fingers to experience the different sensations the soil had to offer. We are looking forward to our next art activity by the pond!



On Thursday afternoons in Oak Class we do social and emotional learning. We have been focusing on emotions and learning about the changes in someone’s face when they are feeling an emotion. We started by learning the makaton signing for basic emotions and meeting the emotions in Disney’s Inside Out film. Then we started to draw faces to explore what changes happens in our eyes, our eyebrows, our noses and our mouths. We also noted that sometimes our skin colour might go red or we might have other bodily changes such as heavy breathing or crying. We had lots of fun experimenting with our faces and seeing what different faces we could pull!

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